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Dear scholars,

Just some information to pass on from a colleague to whom I mentioned this
line of discussion:

Archbishop James Ussher owned the manuscript until he left it in the
possession of Franciscus Junius, a Dutch scholar as well as one of the first
Anglo-Saxon scholars, who resided in London, England until 1651. Milton and
Junius more than likely knew each other because they were in the same circle
of people; however, finding concrete evidence that they were friends is a
trying task.  Roland Mushat Frye states in his fascinating book Milton¹s
Imagery and the Visual Arts: Iconographic Tradition in the Epic Poems:
²Before Junius published the manuscript in Amsterdam in 1655, Somner had
seen it and made a transcript of it. At least one foreign visitor is known
to have been intimate both with Milton and Junius, and it is by no means
unlikely that Milton knew Junius.  Even if we assume, as some scholars have,
that Milton  knew Genesis B, we cannot be certain that he saw it early
enough before his total blindness in 1652 to have been able fully to
appreciate the illumination² (Frye, 60).


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