[Milton-L] How do you like them apples...?

gilliaca at jmu.edu gilliaca at jmu.edu
Mon Aug 11 15:58:12 EDT 2008

.. But today weighing the apple in my palm, 
>letting it fill my eye - all the senses invoked from Book 9 suddenly 
>made sense. 

You are fur sure on to something!  Think how many of us have become used to grocery store fruit and vegs that are 'frsh' all right, but which have no scent, have a uniform feel and shape, and have very little flavor: corn that is sweet bit not 'corny,' peaches that have no fuzz and no scent ...

I'm no gardener, but have access to an excellent farmer's market on Tues and Sat mornings - one of our vendors has brought an entirely different kind of peach to market every week for the last month - and now heritage apples - and of course the noble love-apple!

It might be worthwhile to bring to a Milton class a variety of fruits and such that actually do have an enticing smell - I'll be a lot of them have never experienced that. 

Think I'll go downstairs and dare to have a couple of peaches.
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