[Milton-L] Information request on Milton and Rome

Amy M Carleton carleton.a at neu.edu
Sat Aug 2 07:13:34 EDT 2008

Dear List Members,
I am working on a project which traces Milton’s literary responses to 
Rome (both the city and the myth) and considers (among other things) 
how these responses depart from or align with those found in other 
spheres of public discourse.  

I have found many helpful sources which help construct a sense of 16th 
and 17th c. English responses to Rome so I am more interested in works 
that focus on Milton and Rome specifically.  I have come across some, 
to be sure (e.g. Diana Trevino Benet’s essay on Milton’s Second Defense 
among others), but I would be most grateful if any list members have 
any additional suggestions. Thank you very much.
Amy Carleton

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