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Horace Jeffery Hodges jefferyhodges at yahoo.com
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I'm glad that someone explained what I wrote, for I didn't know quite how to take it myself.
  Anyway, Michael's right about my basic point, that I think that Milton wouldn't have God the Father speak ambiguously, especially on such an important point.
  Of course, Milton himself is writing in a postlapsarian language, so absolute clarity can only be striven for, never achieved, and thus, human, fallen ambiguity may remain -- unless the Holy Spirit guides the writing. Hence, Milton's invocations ... Milton's 'fallen' invocations?
  Jeffery Hodges

Michael Gillum <mgillum at unca.edu> wrote:
  Carl, I thought Jeffery Hodges wrote the end of his post with tongue in
cheek, exaggerating the ideological divide that you had located behind our
divided responses to "swerve not too secure."

However, I don't think Jeffery was kidding when he suggested Milton would
not deliberately have the Father speak ambiguously on a matter of this sort.
It is important that Adam be given a clear warning. Except for his
occasional transparent verbal ironies, God generally speaks clearly and
directly in language that is less "poetic" than the language of Satan or the
narrator. (That's of course a critical commonplace.)

I still think the lack of a comma is a mistake.


On 9/28/07 6:46 PM, "carl bellinger" wrote:

> I'm not sure what in my 'swerving' posts triggered Prof. Hodges'
> thundering kerygma but it has me quaking in the pew. "Sheep or Goat, which
> side is Carl on?" Which side of what, Pastor? God save us all. The comma?

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