[Milton-L] swerving

Gregory Machacek Gregory.Machacek at marist.edu
Mon Sep 24 14:16:27 EDT 2007

Michael Gillum proposes:

"Swerve" doesn't mean "move" or "travel." It means "turn aside," implying
this case error. Adam is to be warned not to slip up through complacency.
unless someone can suggest a more plausible reading, there is a missing
comma: it should read "beware / He swerve not, too secure."

But if that's true, then the missing comma might allow an additional
lurking sense:  "beware he swerve not too [i.e. like Satan, whom I am just
about to mention], [as a result of his feeling overly] secure."

Greg Machacek
Associate Professor of English
Marist College

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