[Milton-L] Adams and Perspectivism?

Yaakov Mascetti mascety at mscc.huji.ac.il
Mon Sep 24 05:49:20 EDT 2007

Prof. Cox:

Certainly Adams has very compelling arguments to make on Chaos. It  
seems to me, though, that perspectivism is different from neutrality,  
or partial evil:

"Chaos is neutral as between good and evil; all he likes is disorder.  
That inclines him to evil, of course, but not all the way, for evil  
is itself a principle of order; and chaos is, so to speak, beyond  
good and evil." (76)

Chaos is partially evil, but not all the way?

Adams, like others, judges, labels and fixes a univocal quality of  
Chaos. It is this, it is that. It seems to me, on the other hand,  
that what Prof. Fleming wrote was certainly closer to what I wrote in  
my email: "It simply doesn't matter [to understand what Chaos is]."

Best regards,


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