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But the instruction isn't just "don't be too secure." It's "don't swerve too
securely." My question is: what is secure swerving? Further: what is
_excessively_ secure swerving? Finally: is controlled oscillation (swerving
securely, but not too securely), or uncontrolled oscillation (swerving kurz,
w/out the presumption of security) being implied as normative for Adam's
unfallen freedom?

JD Fleming

On Sun, 23 Sep 2007 21:38:43 +0000 milton-l at lists.richmond.edu wrote:
> Dear All,
> If I might throw in my mite.	God's lines to Raphael, "whence warne
> him to beware / He swerve not too secure" (5.237-38), make better
> sense, I think, when seen against the Latin word se-curus, meaning
> "apart" or "free from care", "untroubled", "easy".  Although we don't
> expect to find care or trouble in prelapsarian Eden, God seems to be
> asking Raphael to teach Adam the virtue of caution, to be on his guard 
> against the enemy, and to remember at all times that he is both free
> to fall and sufficient to stand.	
> The virtue of caution, God's caveat to be sent to Adam via Raphael, is 
> the operative word here, since the iussive caveat means "let him
> beware", and we find God commissioning Raphael to "warne [Adam] to
> beware" not to be too secure or free from care.  As Professor
> Flannagan points out, Milton uses "secure" in this Latinate way elsewhere.

> Russell Hillier
> > Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 16:51:49 -0400> From: roy at gwm.sc.edu> To:
> milton-l at lists.richmond.edu> Subject: {SpamScore: ssss} Re: [Milton-L] 
> Perspectivism and Chaos> > James Fleming asks, "I have always loved
> God's instruction to Raphael:> 'Whence warn him> [Adam] to beware he
> swerve not too secure.' What the heck does that> mean,> anyway?" I may 
> be wrong, but I hear an echo of the De Doctrina's> "liability to fall" 
> (quoted from memory). Or, more specifically,> Samson's "Proudly
> secure, but liable to fall" (55).> > Roy Flannagan>
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