[Milton-L] Perspectivism and Chaos

Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
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Chaos seems as dangerous and intimidating to the angels as it would to us,
so perhaps this would be the perspective common to created beings, except
for the Son armed with the power of the Father. Chaos seems allied to evil
and rebellion from this viewpoint, but perhaps that¹s a faulty impression.

[The angels] view¹d the vast immeasurable Abyss
Outrageous as a Sea, dark, wasteful, wild,
Up from the bottom turnŒd by furious winds
And surging waves, as Mountains to assault
Heav¹ns highth. . . . (7.211-15)

Jeffery, that¹s a very smart connection to make between the momentary
constellations that form in Chaos and Satan¹s claim that the angels arose
spontaneously. However, do you think Satan really believes he bubbled into
existence through his own power in accordance with Fate, and just by
accident before the throne of Somebody who happened to bubble up sooner? or
is he just saying that to strengthen his followers¹ resistance to Abdiel¹s
very convincing charge?


On 9/23/07 2:48 PM, "Horace Jeffery Hodges" <jefferyhodges at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I don't know if this is directly relevant to Professor Mascetti's query, but I
> went off on an excursus 'through' Chaos in my article "Milton's Tree of
> Knowledge: Why 'Sacred' Fruit?" (MEMES 16.2, November 2006), so I'm posting it
> below just in case it contributes something relevant.
> In passing, I'd just note (and perhaps more relevant to Professor Mascetti's
> question about perspectivism) that Satan may find in the 'existence' of Chaos
> some evidence for his belief that he and the other angels has arisen
> independently of God, for he sees that possibility before his eyes in the
> 'atoms' of Chaos coalescing as he watches. Temporarily, of course:

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