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Nancy Charlton pluscachange at comcast.net
Thu Sep 20 16:19:20 EDT 2007

I thought of this thread last night as I watched "Seeing in the Dark" 
on PBS. This is one of the most drop-dead beautiful films I've ever 
seen. More than just a documentary on stargazing, director Timothy 
Ferris tried to capture wonder in and along with the simple facts. At 
one point he speaks of Milton's visit with Galileo and quotes his 
description of the Milky Way.

Did the young JM actually look through Galileo's telescope, or 
perhaps some other? This might offer some background for his concepts 
of space, chaos, infinitude.

Do see this film. In this market it will repeat at 2 a.m., and it's 
worth staying up for.

Nancy Charlton 
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