[Milton-L] milton's all

carl bellinger bcarlb at comcast.net
Thu Sep 20 11:33:00 EDT 2007

Gregory Machacek writes

]]   How
big is a place that is "high throned above all height" compared to one that
is "illimitable ocean, without bound, / Without dimension, where length,
breadth, and highth, / And time and place are lost"? ]]

Also indicative is [quote from memory] "that seat soon failing plumb down 
xxx fathoms he falls fluttering his penons vain AND TO THIS HOUR DOWN HAD 
BEEN FALLING had not by some ill chance...etc."

>From *that* it would seem Chaos is infinitey maleable in extent. It can 
bubble out here and there, as necessary, to whatever distance Chance, or Ill 
Chance requires, or Providence[?].


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