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Well, not visually, originally, but Pullman¹s His Dark Materials: The Golden
Compass ‹ the first of a young adult trilogy that takes its names from
Paradise Lost -- represents multiverses, and is coming out in film in the
next couple of months or so, which will help those visual learners.


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Conversation: diagrams/illustrations of Milton's world/multiverse
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Thanks to Dennis for explaining many of the problems with diagramming
Milton¹s universe, or whatever we¹re going to call it.  The trick for me,
however, is that my students are so visual, and a few well-chosen pictorial
aids, however imperfect, can go a long way towards orienting them in
_Paradise Lost_.  That said, I¹ll now preface this unit with some big
Thanks as well to Angelica, Russell, Caroline, and Michael, for the Hughes
diagram link.  Like Michael, I find it inaccurate in many respects, yet I
also see ways it could be usefully problematized for class discussion.
Does anyone know if any _Paradise Lost_ illustratations do justice to the
scope and complexity of his multiverse? And, are there any contemporary
artists now at work who might welcome such a challenge?
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