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In the matter of which Psalter was used or supposed to be used in  
worship under ELizabeth, I recall that the Bishop's BIble printed two  
versions, did it not, both the BCP one and a "translation after the  
Hebrews", in parallel columns? So even reading from the lectern Bible  
as opposed to the pulpit BCP would not determine which version might  
be used. This is at least the case in the 1572 Bishops' I last looked  
at. I haven't checked either other editions or the bibliography on  
them to make sure.


On 14/09/2007, at 10:22 AM, Patrick Scott wrote:

> The link Hamlin posted:
> http://justus.anglican.org/resources/bcp/england.htm
> provides (at the very end of the list, scrolling down a long page)
> on-line versions of all the early editions of the Book of Common  
> Prayer
> as well as the Directory from the Westminster Divines, and the  
> homilies.
>  This is a deal of mixed feeding, and I haven't checked the  
> accuracy of
> the sites in choice of sources from which to reproduce each  
> version, but
> the material is certainly there to get started on a topic.
> For those who like hard copy, the William Pickering folio reprints of
> early Prayer Books from the 1840's (which pretty much bankrupted the
> firm) are very accurate.
> The text in the on line source are:
> 1559 Book of Common Prayer
> The Elizabethan Book
> The Book of Common Prayer in Latin (1560)
> 1552 Book of Common Prayer
> The second Prayer Book of Edward VI
> Merbeke's Book of Common Prayer Noted (1550)
> The Book of Common Prayer put to music
> 1549 Book of Common Prayer
> The first Book of Common Prayer
> The Order for the Communion 1548
> The first communion service in English.
> Exhortation & Litany (1544)
> The first liturgy in English
> The Directory for the Public Worship of God, which replaced the  
> Book of
> Common Prayer between 1645 and 1662, is more of an outline of worship
> than a fixed liturgy, in keeping with its Puritan background. It is
> available online, from (not surprisingly) two conservative  
> Presbyterian
> groups, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, and the Evangelical
> Presbyterian Church.
> The Homilies referred to in the 39 Articles:  now online in ZIPped  
> form.
> They are also available from the Anglican Library.
> The complete 1662 Book of Common Prayer, in HTML format, from Lynda
> Howell.; also in PDF format (note that this is a single very large  
> file)
> The 1662 BCP, as printed by John Baskerville in 1762; in PDF format
> The 1662 Book as a series of B/W pictures in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)  
> format,
> from a 1771 printing (Griffiths 1771/2).
> The same site reminds me that David Griffiths' recent Bibliography of
> the Book of Common Prayer has won a number of bibliographical awards.
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