[Milton-L] Crucial punctuation in The Book of Common Prayer

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Sat Sep 15 19:08:18 EDT 2007

For Jeffery Hodges and Nancy Rosenfeld:

And my apologies, if (with little Latin, less Greek, and no Hebrew) I have misused the terminology. I am not a theologian, but was trying to distinguish between a creature (possessed of life, but without a soul) and a soul animated by the Holy Spirit. I don't think we need be concerned about the capitalization of "Lord," however, since there was no contemporary distinction between "the Lord God" and "my Lord (temporal)." And for the record, I see Milton's God the Father (in PL, anyway) as Irene Samuels did: as Justice--articulated and tempered by the mediation of the Son and Logos, and infused into the human spirit by the Holy Ghost (as conscience, right reason, or wisdom). 

I would still read "the Lord and Giver of Life" as "the lord and giver of life," however--the finer distinctions notwithstanding.

Best to all,

Carol Barton
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