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Lara Dodds LDodds at english.msstate.edu
Sat Sep 15 15:50:26 EDT 2007

Hello all,

In _An Answer to a Book, Intituled, the Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce_, the author compares one of Milton's arguments to those of the "Maids of Algate":

"this is a wilde, mad, and frantick divinitie, just like to the opinions of the Maids of Algate: Oh say they, we live in Christ and Christ doth all for us: we are Christed with Christ and Godded with God, and tat the same time we sin here, we joyned to Christ do justice in him, for our life is hid with God in Christ." (page 36--I am quoting from the facsimile in Parker's _Milton's Contemporary Reputation_)

Are there articles or book chapters that treat this passage or _An Answer_ more generally?  Though I get the basic (unflattering) comparison here, I am a little at a loss concerning the maids of Algate.

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Dr. Lara A Dodds
English Department
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