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Hunt, Caroline C. HuntC at cofc.edu
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I too would disagree with the "breakaway" simplification. There are
parishes -- I belong to one -- in which 1928 is an alternate version. We
use 1928  for communion on Thursdays, a service attended by (in
particular) people who would not otherwise come to church at all because
they hate the new services. 

Caroline Hunt

PS: BTW, ours is the cathedral parish for this diocese, so clearly not

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>>>The 1928 book in only used - or nearly only - in the many tiny
Anglican breakaway
churches in the US that in fact are not in communion with Canterbury.
You can probably
find  a listing of them if you put a phrase like 'continuing Anglican'
Google. I have seen such a list but forget where.<<<

Actually, not all are breakaway.  Formerly a traditional Anglican
myself, I was a member at a parish in Monterey, CA, which to this day
remains fully in communion with the Episcopal Church.  The day will come
when this is not the case, but those folk hold on ever so tenaciously!
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