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Why would even need "Jeremianic?" Gimme a break! There is only one book with 
Jeremiah's name on it. And such adjectives are really dangerous to fair 
scholarship, are they not? They can be pigeon-holes in which you hide a 
jumble of things you don't understand behind a signage that makes it seem 
you do. It's fair and convenient to say "Pauline epistles" if you intend 
simply those dozen or so written by St. Paul. But to say that a certain 
theological notion, or an image or turn of phrase, is "Pauline" requires a 
genuinely wide and thorough and discriminating scholarship don't you think?

It's a lesser matter of course but many such coinages stick in your mouth 
like peanut butter and in your ear like I don't know what. They can be so 
_very_ silly or grotesque that in cases like "Genesis" (mentioned above in 
this thread) even the most dogged and vain adjectivarian (adjectivalist?) 
can sense a problem: Genesisian? Genesisonian? Genesisonic?

"Miltonic" is rather a verbal clunker is it not? Never mind how potentially 
vicious in criticism, "Miltonic" would seem better suited as it spits off 
the tongue to something like "mill town"  than to our most elegant poet. 
Those first manufacturing centers along the lower Merrimack were as 
chokingly miltonic as any Blake complained of in his green England.


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> Chris,
> Dictionary.com supplies Jeremian or Jeremianic as the adjective, though 
> googling
> indicates that the second is strongly favored.  Another possibility is to 
> check
> for articles in the Journal of Biblical Literature on Jeremiah to see what 
> is
> used.
> Jameela
> Quoting Christopher Baker <Christopher.Baker at armstrong.edu>:
>> To stray just a bit from the topic of translations, but still pertinent 
>> to
>> the Bible, is there a list of "approved" adjectival forms for the books 
>> of
>> the Bible -- e.g., Levitican for Leviticus, Marcan for Mark, Johannine 
>> for
>> John, Lucan for Luke, etc.?  Some books appear to have no such form
>> (Genesis), and some are a mouthful (Deuteronomical).  I am interested
>> specifically in the term for the  book of Jeremiah (Jeremihan?).
>> Thanks,
>> Chris Baker
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