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Dictionary.com supplies Jeremian or Jeremianic as the adjective, though googling
indicates that the second is strongly favored.  Another possibility is to check
for articles in the Journal of Biblical Literature on Jeremiah to see what is


Quoting Christopher Baker <Christopher.Baker at armstrong.edu>:

> To stray just a bit from the topic of translations, but still pertinent to
> the Bible, is there a list of "approved" adjectival forms for the books of
> the Bible -- e.g., Levitican for Leviticus, Marcan for Mark, Johannine for
> John, Lucan for Luke, etc.?  Some books appear to have no such form
> (Genesis), and some are a mouthful (Deuteronomical).  I am interested
> specifically in the term for the  book of Jeremiah (Jeremihan?).
> Thanks,
> Chris Baker

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