[Milton-L] Call for papers

miriammansur miriammansur at terra.com.br
Wed Sep 12 22:24:42 EDT 2007

Dear Miltonists,
The Brazilian online magazine “Text and Screen” is open to papers that deal with new views on Influence and rewritings of Milton texts within other texts. The submission of your papers for an educational online source in Brazil will help Brazilian scholars and students of Milton reinforce the importance of Milton Studies in this country. It will also be an opportunity to open another site for the dialogue of Milton-related issues. Besides, our group intends to take part of the IMS9 and your papers may be a good initiation for our discussion in such event. The papers can be submitted until December 10th and it may take around 2 months for their reading and selection for publication.  
Thanks and best regards,
Prof. Dr. Luiz Fernando Ferreira Sá
Adjunct Professor of English Literature
UFMG – Brazil
saluizff at hotmail.com
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