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The title-page of the AV/KJV reads "Newly translated . . . . & . . .
diligently compared and revised by his Majesties speciall Comandement.
Appointed to be read in Churches" (I just checked editions from 1611 and

The convention in Britain is to refer to the Authorized Version (or
AV); in my experience, the usual reference in the U.S. has been to the
King James Version (or KJV).  

The catalogue Printing and the Mind of Man asserts that despite the
1611 title-page "no record remains of its authorization by King,
Parliament, or Convocation."  Darlow and Moule, Historical Catalogue of
Printed Editions of  Holy Scriptue, I, 133-134, writes of "The editio
princeps of King James' Bible, commonly known as the 'Authorised'
Version" (p. 133) that "No evidence exists that King James' version
received any definite ecclesiastical or legislative sanction" (p. 134).

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