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Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
Wed Sep 12 12:46:49 EDT 2007

Quoting Jeffrey Shoulson <jshoulson at miami.edu>:

> I have students using the NIV, the NAB, the REB, the
> New Jerusalem, and the NRSV this semester.

Mine are using the NIV, REB, NJB (i.e., New Jerusalem Bible), NRSV, and a newer
translation that reads quite well, the English Standard Version put out by
Crossways.  It may begin replacing some other versions in church lectionaries.

> I think it's high time for a scholarly edition of the Geneva Bible
> (complete with its original marginal commentaries), too, since it is
> so powerfully influential on late 16th and 17th century English
> Protestantism.  And while were at it, we could also use a Tyndale
> modern edition, given how much of it finds its way into the KJV.

There was a large scholarly Geneva some years back, but affordable edition would
indeed be nice.  I actually have an evangelically produced CD of non-copyrighted
Bible materials that includes Geneva, Tyndale, Textus Receptus, and even some of
the better-known evangelical translations in other languages, such as Luther (I
doubt the revised one) and Segond.  It has loads of older commentaries as well.
 I think it cost around $40-50, though the updates may now be more.  Unless you
are an evangelical of a certain stripe, the advertisement might be
offputting--not to mention the near-catachresis of its title--but the CD itself
might be quite helpful to someone.  See at http://www.swordsearcher.com

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