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Carl's coments on water in "motion" reminded me of the "fountain of living 
water" (Jer. 2.13) and Zach. 14.18, of water as the outpouring of God's life 
and Rev. 22.1, etc.  These images are dealt with by Danielou, Jean S.J. Les 
Symboles chretiens primifs. 1961. Trans. Donald Attwater. Primitive 
Christian Symbols. Baltimore: Helicon Press, 1964. There are some 
fascinating sources on water, specifically the sea, that I have been looking 
1. Klein, Bernard. Ed. Fictions of the Sea. Ashgate, 2002, which has an 
article on Satan as seafarer.
2. Moorman, Frederic. W. The Interpretation of Nature in English Poetry from 
Beowulf to Shakespeare. Strasburg: Karl J. Trubner, 1908
3. Treneer, Anne.  The Sea in English Literature from Beowulf to Donne. 
London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1926.
4. Auden, W.H. The Enchafed Flood or the Romantic Iconography of the Sea. 
N.Y. Random House, 1950.
5. Bourke, John.  The Sea as a symbol in English Poetry.  Eton:  Alden and 
Blackwell, 1954.
6. Curtius, E.R. Trans. Michael Kowal.  Essays on European Literature. 
Princeton UP, 1973.
And the most fascinating:  Corbin, Alain. Le Territoire du vide. Paris: 
Aubrier, 1988. Trans Jocelyun Phelps. The Lure of the Sea: The Discovery of 
the Seaside in the Western World 1750-1840.  Berkeley, U of Cal P, 1944.
That might be more than anyone wanted on Labor Day!
Salwa Khoddam
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>>       Surely there  must be a study somewhere of the symbolism of water 
>> in w. culture generally?
> These are ubiquitous throughout Latin literature. Some are in religious 
> contexts, such as Horace's Fons Bandusiae; some are threatening, such as 
> Horace's Ship of State, his Pyrhha poem, and various passages of the 
> Aeneid; some seem simply evocative of home and happiness, such as 
> Catullus' Lydiae lacus" in Poem 31.
> Rose Williams
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