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for "bickering... " , read "bickering flame."  PL 6.766  M's coinage is the 
application of the term bickering to flames; initially as I recall bickering 
was simply a military term akin to "skirmishing" first one way then the 

And from about him fierce effusion rowl'd
Of smoak and bickering flame and sparkles dire.  6.766

Still, not an *un*warlike image all in all...


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>.....>      No doubt "motion" is as close to the mystical center of PL as 
>any of the thematic strands in the poem. It's the central motif really (no 
>pun wanted) --conceptually, imagistically; even structurally since the 
>precise verse-line center of both Ed 1, the <<ascending>> chariot [per 
>Fowler of course], and Ed 2, the <<bickering.. (Milton's coinage in this 
>sense as I recall) are images of motion. >....> 

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