[Milton-L] Early reception of PL in Denmark and a more marathon marathon reading suggestion

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You might like to know that  copies [1st editions I thnk] of the 1790-92 
translations are held at Milton's Cottage, Deanway, Chalfont St Giles, 
Buckinghamshire. Scholars are welcome to view them if they make contact with 
the Curator at the cottage.  The website is www.miltonscottage.org : 
telephone 01494 872313

Karen Welch
Vice Chair: Friends of Milton's Cottage

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>marathon reading suggestion
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>This is a by no means comprehensive response to the query about early 
>translations of PL into Danish.
>  The old Danish/Norwegian edition I own is from  April 1914,it is the 2nd, 
>edn., published both in Oslo ( then called Kristiania) and Copenhagen by 
>the Gyldendalske Bokhandel - Nordisk Forlag (Publishing House). My son 
>bought it for me at a jumble sale in Oslo for 4 kroner ( about 50 cents)  
>when he was 8 or so.  In 1914 literary language was the same in Denmark and 
>Norway, ie Danish.
>John Milton, Det Tabte Paradis
>transl. by Uffe Birkedal
>The book contains a short bio. of Milton, then an account of the 'poet's 
>point of view' with a natty etching  of the ptolomeic system  which relates 
>somewhat to Curry's etching in the Merritt Hughes edn. except that hell 
>seems to have 2 layers, the bottom one in my book being a separate sea of 
>fire (under Hell). Scandinavian gloom, perhaps. No telling who drew this 
>one, which is also neatly divided so that heaven and Hell occupy exactly 
>half the 'globe' each. Less chaos than in the
>Curry version. Scandinavian orderliness, perhaps.
>The poem then follows, without the Arguments. There are a few rather short 
>explicatory footnotes. The language of the transliteration seems rather 
>everyday to me. I must admit this is the first time I have really looked at 
>it properly, and it is mouldering away  as I write.
>Regarding early translations into Danish, much may be learned from 
>contacting the Royal Library in Copenhagen. I have managed to find out the 
>The first complete translation of PL and PR ( Det Tabte Paradis og Det 
>Gjenvunde Paradis) was pubd. 1790-92, transl. Joh. Henr. Schønheyder
>There were fragments before then, more info. on these is available from the 
>PL was read in German before this. Here is the information on this:
>-Ernst Gottlieb von, (transl. ) Das verlustigte Paradeis, Zerbst, 1682
>Source: Kindler
>-Dasverlohrne Paradies / aus dem Englischen Johann Miltons in reimfreye
>Verse übersetzet, & mit eignen sowohl als andrer Anmerk. begleitet von
>Friedrich Wilhelm Zachariä
>Verfasser   Milton, John
>Weiterer Verfasser   Zachariae, Justus Friedrich Wilhelm
>Jahr  1762 - 1763
>Impressum  Altona : Iversen, 1762 - 1763.
>Einheitssachtitel  Paradise lost «dt.»
>Sonstiger Titel  ¬Das¬ verlorene Paradies
>This was a German translation pubd. in Denmark. Altona was Danish until 
>I hope this helps.
>By the way, how about a global marathon on the Birthday itself, December 9, 
>2008? or on the Saturday following ie 13th, St Lucia's Day,  the day when 
>the dark forces must be pushed back? Everyone could read with a lit candle 
>headdress. Sorry about the irreverence.
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