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Richard Helgerson & David Quint have both discussed Satan's journey
through Chaos as an ironic, critical allusion to Vasco da Gama's
voyage in The Lusiads. See _Forms of Nationhood_, pp. 154ff and _Epic
and Empire_, pp. 253ff.

Eric Song

On 11/29/07, Erick Ramalho <ramalhoerick at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>  In her chapter 'The Genres of Paradise Lost' published within The Cambridge
> Companion to Milton, Barbara K. Lewalski considers the epic Lusiads by the
> Portuguese poet Camões (sometimes spelled Camoens in English) to be one
> amongst Renaissance epics sharing important features with PL (others being
> Ariosto's Orlando Furioso and Tassos's Gerusalemme Liberata besides,
> obviously, Spenser's Faerie Queene).
>   The context of her important study is one of 'allusions to contemporary
> voyages of exploration and imperialism in Satan's voyage to earth through
> chaos' in which PL would encompass elements 'derived from romantic epics or
> other Renaissance varieties of that kind'. By Romantic she means of course
> the late Medieval tradition and its influence on early modern epic in both
> England and Continental Europe.
>             Would any one happen to know any studies, if they are to be
> found, focusing on particular points Milton might have drawn from Camões or,
> maybe, studies on philologically proven common points in the two epics?
> Milton was known to have a reading knowledge of Spanish, besides his widely
> known native-like command of Latin, which would allow him to read a
> Renaissance Portuguese epic.
> I´m interested in spotting possible formal elements shared by both poets or
> punctual allusions to the Lusiads in PL. I´ve also searched studies in
> Portuguese, but none of them has yet dealt with the topic.
> I do welcome suggestions.
> Regards,
> Erick Ramalho
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