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  Professor Shawcross, 
   I do thank you for the valuable information. I´ll go at once for these articles and, particularly, for Mickle’s book. All of those, I´ve just realised, are of the utmost importance to my present work.
  I have just finished my translation into Portuguese of Milton’s Latin and Greek poems. The book is going to be published next year. In my introduction I deal with the broad Renaissance context in which Milton wrote, and my readers, being mostly native speakers of Portuguese, are quite interested in possible links between Milton and Camões. By the way, concerning a different topic in this introduction of mine, I´m indebted to your essay ‘The Poet as Orator: One Phase of His Judicial Pose’.
  Angelica Duran, 
  I also thank you very much for you attention. It is very kind of you to offer me a copy of the play. I´m afraid I might have it already, though. I believe this is the one by the nineteenth century playwright Costa Braga, isn’t it? Based on a Spanish similar play? That’s the one I´ve got. Anyway, I do thank you. 
  As a matter of fact, I would like to include your forthcoming books in my bibliography, for I’ll certainly have readers who are going to be as interested in your topic as I am. Could you please send me further information on your books, such as possible release dates, publishing house, etc. I´ll have my introduction finished by Christmas, until which date I can include as many books as I like in my references. 

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