[Milton-L] Camoes

John T. Shawcross jtshaw74 at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 30 12:26:18 EST 2007


James Sims has published a number of  things on Milton and Camoes.  
Look at items 3066-3075 in Huckabay's bibliography for 1968-1988.  
Also, you should check out William Mickle's "The Lusiad: or, the  
Discovery of India" (Oxford: 1776)--frequently reprinted; see the  
Introduction, the "Dissertation on the Machinery," and "The  
Dissertation on the Fiction of the Island of Venus" which cites the  
relationship with "Limbo" and of Fanshawe and Camoes (pp. 411-414).  
There is much discussion of Milton and PL, and the translation shows  
influence from Milton as well.


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