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Don't waste time or money. Personally, I have no objections to 
altering the plot. My guess is that the story changed quite a bit as 
a passed from scop to scop until it ended up with our anonymous 
scribe, who likely altered the story yet again. It's that the movie 
doesn't make any sense on its own terms.


At 08:51 AM 11/29/2007, you wrote:

>.though some of the anachronisms make me wince and need to
> >be explained. .
>All of us who teach earlier Birtish lit anticipating next semester 
>having a lot of students who will think they don't need to read 
>"Beowulf" for the soph survey becuase they've seen the movie ... one 
>of my upper level English majors who has seen it says that if you 
>are looking for a noisy movie with great special effects and lots of 
>gore, it's just great, but if you want to see "Beowulf," you won't. 
>Am debating going to see it with colleagues so we can jeer at it ...
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