[Milton-L] 17th Century contexts

Rich DuRocher durocher at stolaf.edu
Thu Nov 29 09:58:44 EST 2007

For Jeffrey and others:

    While it may not exactly match your interests, I want to recommend a 
gem in this regard:


    Originally published by Allen & Unwin, then out of print, now (just 
checked on Amazon) it's been reissued in a Kindle Edition for around 
$21.00.  Anyone who has used this text will recall its great virtue: it 
cites the key texts by 16th & 17th century thinkers as well as writers 
on the key, embattled issues.  So, for example, on Predestination/Free 
will, it includes key paragraphs by Luther, Calvin, Arminius, and then 
offers key paragraphs by writers including Milton, Spenser, etc., both 
poetry (PL) and prose (DDC).  Rivers includes an overview or summary of 
the issue before providing these primary materials.  I've found it 
incredibly useful over the years.  What it lacks, in terms of Jeffrey's 
question, is social/political history, but on intellectual, religious, 
and history it's terrific.

  All the best,

Rich DuRocher
St. Olaf College

Jeffrey Shoulson wrote:
> I turn to the list for some help in a matter that, I know, has been 
> raised in one form or another before.
> In previous years, I have used Graham Parry's The Seventeenth Century: 
>  The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 
> 1603-1700 (Longman Group, 1989) as a handy single-volume overview of 
> the period for my undergraduate courses in 17th century literature. 
>  The book went out of print about five years ago and I am in search of 
> a substitute, a single volume review of the major political, 
> religious, philosophical, social trends and conflicts in 
> seventeenth-century England.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Jeffrey Shoulson
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