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Thsi book was recommended to me by someone on this list, and I used it with mixed results last spring in my senior level Milton course. I had students read the chapters encompassing end of Elizabeth's reign through the time relevant for Milton. I found that, even thought it is written with American college students as its intended audience, many in my class found it very hard to follow and understand. They have virtually no useful background in European history nor, with a few exceptions, much understanding of Christianity. They kept asking things like, were the Puritans fundmentalists?  The most interesting comment came from an Iraqi-American student who was Muslim. She said - "I get it! Protestants and Catholics saw each other like Shia and Sunni!"

Robert Bucholz and Newton Key, Early Modern England: 1485-1714: A Narrative History 

I won't be teaching Milton again - retiring this spring!!!! - but remain interested in what bok or boooks you all come up with.

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