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This isn't it either but who can resist a limerick

Paradise Lost, the Limerick
Book I
Beelzebub said: 'Let's give in.
We'll suffer the less for our sin.'
But Satan would rather 
Strike back at the Father
With cunning, still hoping to win.

Book II
Satan rallied his troops with a shout,
And explained what revenge is about.
The concocted a plan
For the ruin of man,
Then he hastened to carry it out.

Book III
Man will fall. Could it be that God blew it?
No. It's predicted. God knew it.
Man's salvation to buy, 
Someone else has to die.
The Son of God offers to do it.

Book IV
Into Eden the enemy crept,
Almost turned sentimental, and wept,
But hardened his heart
And soon made a start
By tempting poor Eve while she slept.

Book V
Raphael soon dropped in for a visit.
His warnings were stern and explicit.
A sinister stranger
Would place them in danger.
They wondered: 'This "danger" . . . what is it?'

Book VI
Raphael tells of two days of war
Between matched angels - a draw.
On the third day God's Son
Came to join in the fun,
And the rebels were dropped in Hell's maw.

Book VII
Still more of the angel's oration:
He described (at great length) the Creation.
It's a tale to amaze:
It took only six days.
Adam listened in rapt admiration.

Then Adam spoke, thrilled to the core.
He said, 'Eve's the one I adore!'
Raphael sighed.
He replied,
'But make sure it's god you love more.'

Book IX
To the serpent's wiles Eve did succumb.
She ate, and she gave Adam some.
His head said, 'You'll rue it,'
His heart urged him, 'Do it.'
He ate. Satan's mission was done.

Book X
The couple were covered with shame.
They fought about who was to blame.
By love still beguiled
They were soon reconciled.
But they'd fallen from grace, all the same.

Book XI
The Archangel Michael, in verse
Which was long-winded rather than terse,
Related to Adam
Things which would happen.
So Adam felt better - and worse.

Book XII
They were kicked out of Eden, it's true.
No wonder they felt a bit blue.
But the changed world was wide,
And they walked side by side,
Setting off to begin life anew.

Limericks by Carol Wyvill.
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