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Dear scholars,
Thanks so much for your help.  I think I am all settled.  I got more hints
on non-Anglophone uses of ³Iberia² and its linguistic fellows, and learned a
good skill for using the OED.  Here is another reference I had.

l. 317, p. 53. ---------Margiana to the Hyrcanian cliffs

            Of Caucasus, and dark Iberial dales,]

  Margiana and Hycrcania lay northward of Arochosia towards the

Caspian Sea. Margaiana is mentioned by Pliny, L. vi. 16. --------The

Hyrcanian ³cliffs of Caucasus² and ³the Iberian dale² are joined

together by Strabo, who says, that the hihghest part of the Caucasus

bordered on Albania, Iberia, and Colchis [Š]

 [Š] -------The Iberian dales are termed dark, as the

Country abounded in forests. Tacitus describes the Iberians ³salutosos

³ locos incolentes.² ANNAL. vi. 34.[i] <#_edn1>

[i] <#_ednref1>  Milton, 1796, p. 414.

Happy Thanksgiving

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