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Dear Angelica Duran,
  The Miltonic source is clearly the Latin authors, amongst whom the sense you mention is recurring, being found in writers Milton had been acquainted with since his St. Paul’s School days, such as Virgil and Tacitus. In the latter’s work, as in many other Latin writers, it is more common to spell the name with an initial 'h' as well as to use it as to refer to the people rather than the place in Asia. The following is an instance from Tacitus, here in my translation into English:
  simul Hiberi manis copiis Armeniam inrumpunt (The Annals, XXXIII)
  simultaneously the Hiberians burst into Armenia in large troops.
              Yet, the word is not found in either sense in Milton’s Latin poems, but its usage with the Latin meaning is to be expected from  a poet who not seldom used English words with Latin meanings.
  Erick Ramalho

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