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Dear scholars,

Perhaps you can help me either search the OED better (in case they have a
³source-finding² engine) or understand this interesting linguistic

The OED defines ³Iberian² as ³Of or pertaining to ancient Iberia in Europe²
and ³Of or pertaining to ancient Iberia in Asia, nearly corresponding to
modern Georgia.² The only example the OED cites for the latter is from
Paradise Regained 3.318, ³The Hyrcanian cliffs of Caucasus, and dark Iberian
dales.² I checked various editions of PR and, while they explain the limits
of the location given the western-moving line of vision in the passage, they
do not cite the source for this specific use of ³Iberian.²  I am interested
in knowing what the source might be and if any other British writer wrote
anything in English (vs. Latin, etc.) and used ³Iberian² in this latter

All help appreciated.


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