[Milton-L] Christopher Hill

John Leonard jleonard at uwo.ca
Mon Nov 19 08:06:43 EST 2007


> There's a helpful article by Robin Briggs on Hill in the Oxford Dictionary
> of National Biography.
> Tom Corns

Many thanks to Tom for drawing out attention to this (and to John for 
quoting it).  Another statement to bear in mind is Hill's own aside about 
Stalin in Milton and the English Revolution.  Discussing Areopagtica, Hill 

"Milton's tolerance had its limits, but it is not quite fair to sneer at him 
as if he were a twentieth-century fellow traveller who had learnt nothing 
from the career of Joseph Stalin" (p. 158)

This implies that Hill himself had learnt something from Stalin's career, 
whether or not he had eulogized him in 1953, as one of the hostile sources 

John Leonard 

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