[Milton-L] A response from Carol Barton on Christopher Hill(waspuritans & other protestants)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Nov 18 16:22:09 EST 2007

Michael Bauman wrote:
> Why "all the better"?

Why not? While there were few if any "good guys" in the Cold War, it's
quite clear that the 'bad guys' were the U.S. & its British lackey.
Remember the overthrow of Mossedegh, the democratically elected and
secular president of Iran. It can stand for the entire Cold War.

I would not have said this in 1954 when, as an Air Force Staff Sgt I was
attached to NSA with a top secret clearance, but I reeducated myself in
the years following the invasion of the Dominican REpublic in 1964. 


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