[Milton-L] A response from Carol Barton on Christopher Hill (was puritans & other protestants)

alan horn alanshorn at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 03:36:43 EST 2007

"Satan the revolutionary resembles Milton the revolutionary in a number of
> ways" means something very different from "Satan the rebel is Milton the
> regicide," but Hill tends to make pronouncements like the latter without the
> qualifiers that would separate fact from opinion.

This is a misrepresentation. Hill did not read the War in Heaven as a
simple allegory of the Civil War. He argued that the experience of
revolution and counterrevolution informs the poem from many different
angles, with aspects of BOTH sides being reflected in Satan's camp:
"Milton does not IDENTIFY with Satan and the rebel angels, who embody
and criticize the defects of the military leaders of the Revolution,
as well as--more obviously--of the Royalists." (M&ER, p. 367, original

In my opinion, by the way, if he was a spy, all the better.

Alan H.

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