[Milton-L] A response to Carol Barton on puritan & other protestants

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I independently came across DDD as a graduate student at the UW and studied
them and wrote several papers, one on Jerusalem for a Blake seminar and one
for a seminar I took with Sara van Den Berg.  I think that Milton's
detractors (and DDD incited many against him) unfairly tried to depict
Milton as overreacting to his problems with Mary, and thus being unmanly or
hating women or hating marriage. They taunted him in public and even spit in
his face. Later biographers felt embarrassed that he wrote them. Milton
might have begun thinking about DDD ³because Mary walked out on him², but as
an intellectual he had to understand the larger, foundational implications
for society imposed by how the church construed marriage and divorce in
their laws ­ did they have sex or not? etc. Milton felt that what these
antiquated marriage and divorce laws (and the way also that women and men
were chained to each other ­ Blake¹s Ulro) ultimately implied for society
was that interactions between men and women boiled down to ³the quintessence
of an excrement², whereas the foundation of these relations as the base of
society should be something greater.
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HOWEVER, when Hill says "that Milton wrote DDD because Mary walked out on
him, which scholars of the divorce tracts will tell you is not the case," I
have my doubts about the "scholars of the divorce tracts" rather than about
Christopher Hill.    Milton wrote his life-story into his works just as
surely as T.S.Eliot did his, though this is not to say that Mary's walking
out on him was the only reason for the divorce tracts - the multifarious
reasons have been well covered by the scholarship.  

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