[Milton-L] Recommendations for a course on censorship

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Fri Nov 16 08:53:00 EST 2007

>ALA website for their current listing of banned books..

I remmeber some years ago seeing Moby Dick listed as a booko that had been challenged - this was somewhere in Texas - and the reason given was 'not conststen with community values.' I don't think it was a bunch of Save the Whale activists ...

Here in Harrisonbur - this was a year ago - during ALA's 'banned books' week, the local city hihg school librarian arranged an exhibet of banned books: included were Catcher in the Rye, Chaucer, some others of the usual suspects, and the Bible. The school superintendent, who is an even bigger idiot than most who hold that job, ordered the exhibet taken down because, as the local paper quoted him, he didn't want to encourage high school students 'to read any banned books.'

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