[Milton-L] Recommendations for a course on censorship

Berglund, Lisa BERGLUL at BuffaloState.edu
Fri Nov 16 08:46:43 EST 2007

Some years ago I was the keynote speaker at a forum on censorship
sponsored by my then college's chapter of Amnesty International. I read
a section of Areopagitica and also from three works that were presently
banned at one or more American public schools: Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory, A Wrinkle in Time and the Wife of Bath's Prologue. Visit the
ALA website for their current listing of banned books. Most are
children's books and the list provides an excellent topic for discussion
with college and high school audiences.

It might be interesting to teach a text that illustrates the
circumvention of censorship-an allegory or an 18th century text that is
disem-voweled or perhaps a section of one of Johnson's Debates from the
Senate of Lilliput.

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