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Call For Papers     Northern Renaissance Seminar  Department of English and Creative Writing  Lancaster University  Lancaster, England  'The Idea of Pleasure'  
Saturday 23 February 2008  10 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.    
  Following up on our seminar on ‘Everyday Life’, we seek papers discussing how pleasure, and the idea of pleasure, contributed to the organisation and representation of the material world in early modern Europe.  What beliefs were held about ‘pleasure’? What relationships between religion and pleasure are developed (e.g. by  Erasmus, More, and Rabelais) and beyond? How was pleasure signified in during the period? What rewards and punishments, or delights and dangers, were associated with it?  Was pleasure understood as a single phenomenon, experienced across a spectrum of private and public arenas of life, or were there different kinds of pleasures associated with different kinds of experience?  How was pleasure related to penitence, or pain?  How was it related to class, gender, and ethnicity? 
  We welcome proposals for twenty-minute papers on all aspects of the idea of pleasure in the everyday life of early modern Europe, and especially encourage interdisciplinary studies of the questions involved.
  Please send proposals c.200 words to Robert Appelbaum by 15 January 2008 

Robert Appelbaum 
Department of English and Creative Writing 
Lancaster University 
Lancaster, LA1 4YT 

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