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This may be getting too far afield to be about censorship, but Hans Blumenberg has a wonderful section on the 'censoring' of curiosity in his magnificent work, The Legitimacy of the Modern Age. Take a look at Part 3: "The 'Trial' of Theoretical Curiosity" (pp. 227-453) to see if the advocated 'self-censorship' advocated by the Church Fathers (especially Augustine) and by the Church fits your program.
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> Dear scholars,
> I am very excited about an opportunity to teach a course on censorship for 
> a
> university honors program in Autumn 2008 (looking quite ahead). I have
> some definite ideas about texts and topics I'd like to cover --
> _Areopagitica_ and Milton's placement on the Spanish Inquisition's Index
> Librorums will not doubt be a part of the course; and I will include
> _Fahrenheit 451_ because my students will participate in a town-and-gown
> with an area high school that will also read that text. But I do want to
> have a little more input about primary and secondary works from the 
> ancient
> to contemporary times from disciplines ranging from the arts, sciences,
> engineering, history, politics, etc. before I submit my final proposal. If
> you have any suggestions, know of colleagues who focus on the subject and
> could give sage advice, etc., please do tell.
> Thank you for your consideration. All speed apprecaited.
> Adios,
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