[Milton-L] Sophocles and Samson

Rich Durocher durocher at stolaf.edu
Thu Nov 15 10:51:36 EST 2007


This is a wonderful, provocative line of thought. I think you, perhaps 
with input from your students, should craft that essay on Samson and Ajax.

Best wishes,

Rich DuRocher

Kemmer Anderson wrote:
>> While sitting in Brian Hampton's class the at UT-Chattanooga, 
>> listening to him read the opening speech of Samson, I heard the voice 
>> from Ajax, a speech performed by 2 classes of students a few hours 
>> before. Those "rousing motions" (SA, 1182) (Richard DuRocher's 2005 
>> paper) went off in my head. The "I am lament" (Ajax,468) speech from 
>> Ajax, the despair of Samson echoed through my head.
> I just spent a whole period hammering out Samson's speech to my class 
> who are performing and reading Ajax after reviewing his actions in the 
> Iliad, comparing the Hebrew God with the Greek gods. At the end I said 
> write a journal entry comparing the despair of Samson and Ajax. What I 
> see now is the following: An essay comparing the despair of Samson, 
> Ajax, and Philoctetes. Should I pursue the essay with my students? I 
> hear the echo from the prison, the cave, or the tent. What do you all 
> think?
> Jefferson at 16 and 17 filled his commonplace book with quotes from 
> Samson Agonistes. Somehow this is the way of educating young Americans.
> Thanks for stirring my wonder during the Miltonic musings at 
> Murfreesboro.
> Kemmer
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