[Milton-L] puritan & other protestants

Rose Williams rwill627 at suddenlink.net
Thu Nov 15 09:10:55 EST 2007

It is always interesting to note that new religious groups, especially 
Christian ones, quite often do not think of themselves as new, but as 
returning to or defining what the religion was in the first place.
Their classification names are generally given them by someone outside the 
group who is attempting to "Pigeonhole" the group -- often pejoratively.
It would be fascinating to talk to some  "Levelllers, Ranters, Diggers, 
Puritans (and their many
variations) Muggletonians, Arians, Arminianists etc" and see what they 
thought they were.
Rose Williams

> You should certainly see David Loewenstein's prize-winning book, 
> <i>Representing
> Revolution in Milton and His Contemporaries:  Religion, Politics, and 
> Polemics
> in Radical Puritanism</> (Cambridge UP, 2001).
> I agree that Hill must be read, but he has surely been challenged by newer
> voices among church historians, though at this time of the evening no 
> titles
> are coming to mind. Sorry!

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