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Michele Walfred walfred at udel.edu
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Dear Panel,

Is there any graphic chart or helpful comparison guide to all the different
protestant sects and manifestations that were popping up around Milton's
time. I just finished Hill's Milton and the Revolution and he does a pretty
good job in explaining who believed what - but I find it challenging
sometime to keep the Levelllers, Ranters, Diggers, Puritans (and their many
variations) Muggletonians, Arians, Arminianists etc.  all straight.  Hill's
book was terrific.

~Michele Walfred
University of Delaware

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As Carol said (but didn't do), check the Milton concordance. Milton  
uses "Puritan" in "Reason," I.784; "Eikonoklastes," 3.475 and 482;  
"Puritanical" in "Of Reformation," 1.586; "Puritanisme" in "Of  
Reformation," 1.602; "Puritans" in "Of Reformation," 1.540; in  
"Animadversions," 1.668 and 726; in "Reason," 1.788; in "Apology for  
Smectymnuus," 1.905; "Tenure," 3.226 and 242; in "Eikonoklastes,"  
3.404 and 500; and "Puritants" in "Eikonoklastes," 3.432.

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