[Milton-L] Self-referencing by Puritans?

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William Bradshaw, a puritan, published English Pvritanisme in 
1605,  ironically using the term and implicitly accepting that it applied 
to himself and others of presbyterian views. I recommend the first chapter 
of Christopher Hill's Society and Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England 
for an enlightening look at what the term could mean in early 
seventeenth-century England. Hill notes that John Donne the preacher was 
willing to call himself a puritan, according to some definitions. Francis 
Bacon similarly revealed a favorable opinion of many "honest religious men 
. . . traduced by that name."

Dan Doerksen

At 12:56 PM 11/13/2007, you wrote:
>You see occaisional uses of the term "puritan," Malvolio is called "a kind 
>of puritan" in Twelfth Night, but I don't know of any example of them 
>calling themselves that. They usually called themselves saints, 
>Christians, or "the godly." David Lowenstein uses "the godly" as a 
>collective term rather than "puritans."
>Cheers, J.
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> > Did the Puritans ever refer to themselves by that name?  The OED does
> > not so indicate, and since the term was mostly pejorative (aside from
> > other, more positive terms they used such as "saints") I would be
> > interested in an early modern source example if one exists.  This
> > question came from a student.
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