[Milton-L] Remember, remember

Conrad Bladey Peasant cbladey at bcpl.net
Mon Nov 5 10:38:42 EST 2007

Although some folk seem to have forgotten...

We had our annual celebration in Linthicum On Saturday-we will have a 
small firework celebration tonight but you just cant get people out on a 
weeknight-they simply arent trained enough to recover to go to work the 
next day anymore....we have been celebrating in baltimore for over 20 

For those interested the biggest Celebration is at Lewes Sussex and is 
taking place this afternoon eastern time. You can here direct commentary 
of the moving celebrations with web cam this year at


I was just interviewed live!


bill hilton wrote:
> St Michael-le-Belfrey is the place - just over the road to the south
> of the Minster proper, and almost exactly on the spot where
> Constantine the Great was declared emperor.
> On a related note, Carol, you might be interested to know that
> traditional Guy Fawkes' Night celebrations - during which, to this
> day, Fawkes is burnt in effigy all over England - are banned at St.
> Peter's School in York, where he was educated. Apparently it's
> considered bad form to incinerate the Old Boys.
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