[Milton-L] Paradise Lost reading

Tim Strzechowski dedalus204 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 22 11:58:04 EDT 2007

Well said, Greg, and I'm glad to hear that your event this year went well!  Unfortunately, this year we only had one section of my A.P. class and, with such a small group, it wasn't worth my while to attempt to sustain a ten-hour reading with so few students (teachers here offer extra credit as well, but the reader attendance is too unpredictable when one must count on the e.c. kids).

Yes, the whole experience is exhausting, but I always amazed at how the "sound" of Milton's verse stays with you for several hours past the reading, like the echo of a bell.  The next morning, as I read the paper or speak with family members, language somehow doesn't seem ... "right" ... almost as if, for ten hours the previous day I was in the presence of the Perfection of Language, and now my ears must become reacclimated to the common.

It's a thrilling sensation .... yet kinda sad.

With two sections of my class anticipated for next year, I look forward to reviving Argo Community High School's Milton Marathon in December, '07.


Tim Strzechowski



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