[Milton-L] Paradise Lost reading

Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
Wed Mar 21 21:33:54 EDT 2007

I've read everyone else's contributions, but though I've done None of the Above,
rather having everyone just gather at 9:00 a.m. and simply read 20-30 lines each
in a circle, it still works.  I have one rule:  keep reading.  In my experience,
if everyone has Milton open, it doesn't much matter if one stumbles over those
long lists of proper names, and Milton seems in fact to teach people to read
him.  I've had second language users, dyslexics, and eye surgery patients
reading him, and their performance improves dramatically over 12 hours.  I
think that preparation matters far less than we might think, because Milton is
THAT GOOD.  I've even had folks drop by for a quick visit who never left. 
Perhaps my best memory is of my less-than-academic neighbor, who thought she'd
come for an hour with two even less-than-academic friends, who found themselves
staying for the whole book because they couldn't bear to--as it were--stop
watching the movie.  In fact, at the end of each book, they would look at each
other and say--as if in a movie soundtrack--da-da-da-DAH!

So, if all else fails, just do it.



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