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Try this on for thought...I assigned one book per student, who is then responsible for a synopsis, a critical essay (2-3 page), a list of characters in that book, and a bibliography. This is distributed to the rest of the class.  A class discussion is held of each student's work. When done, class has an entire set of the 12 books.  Just finished that method  in a survey course & it worked pretty well. Because they didn't have to critique the entire 12 books they seemed willing to put an extra effort into the one book exercise.  I had 14 students so the last two did a critique on 1-6 and 7-12.  Love to hear if it works for you, should you care to try it.

Lorayne C Mundy
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  At the semester's eleventh hour, I have decided to organize a complete read through of Paradise Lost.  I know other people have done this---can you point me to discussions of how it works or give me pointers from your own experience? 

  many thanks,
  Ann Coiro


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