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Margaret Thickstun mthickst at hamilton.edu
Tue Mar 20 12:12:33 EDT 2007

Angelica--try Book 4 lines 260-65--it has murmuring waters, birds, 
trembling leaves.

>Dear scholars,
>I am working with some illustrations from a Hispanophone edition 
>that has excerpts of Paradise Lost, and I cannot determine the 
>original book and lines that correspond to the Hispanophone lines 
>that translate back into English as follows:
>...While the leafy groves,
>Bubbling up innumerably from a town,
>>From restless and graceful birds,
>Which from one to the next branch, in ceaseless
>Movement, with different songs
>And happy, interrupt the constant
>Silence, displaying the glittering colors
>Of their beautiful feathers
>And the greenness of the various trees.
>Any suggestions?  I have various published Hispanophone editions so 
>can cross-check.  All help appreciated.

Margaret Thickstun
Elizabeth J. McCormack Professor of English
Hamilton College
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